In the list of murders by the group of Laerti and Renato Çaushi/ They went to Saranda and Tepelena. "Little Reno" wanted the shot that...

2023-12-10 18:17:05Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA ELTON QYNO
In the list of murders by the group of Laerti and Renato Çaushi

Amidst a long series of murders and "death contracts" linked to various people, in February 2023, Laert Haxhiu's group received orders and began mobilizing to shoot Renato Kalivaçin alias Andrea Çau?in.

This new episode is being investigated by SPAK as the criminal group has carried out a series of actions to "Provide the means and conditions" in order to kill Renato Kalivaci.

As stated in the investigation file, in order to do this work, the two loyalists of Laert Haxhi, Artan Tafani and Firdeus Berberi, first stole a vehicle in the city of Durrës in February 2023.

They have stolen the vehicle from a person who was drinking cocaine, while the presence of Berber and Tafan has appeared in a surprising way, introducing themselves as police officers.

This is a scheme that, as the repentant Artan Tafani says, was used in many cases to steal cars in Tirana, Durrës and other cities, by monitoring boys who were using drugs or young couples who had sex inside the car.

The "Benz" type car was stolen with the intention of being used in a murder that would be carried out in Tepelena or in Saranda, where the target of the group was Renata Çaushi, a well-known name in the world of crime, specializing in drug trafficking.

Laert Haxhiu had received the order for murder, and the man who was interested in hitting Renato Çaushi was another Renato from Tepelena, who was called "Renato i Vogël" and currently lives in Dubai.

"...Little Reno" had requested this event from "Juli t Pashako" to carry it out. As far as I know, Reno has a boyfriend with Juli. Juli had also previously been close friends with Renato Kalivaçi alias Andrea Çaushin, that's why he didn't take over. But he gave this order to Laerti, so we started the preparations..." - said the repentant Artan Tafani.

In his testimony given before the prosecutor of Elbasan, Kreshnik Ajazi and the head of investigations for serious crimes, among others, Artan Tafani has shown that:

" February 2023, I remember being with Firdeus Berberi and Laert Haxhiu. The driver was Laerti and we were driving the Benz ML vehicle I mentioned above. The car we spotted was a gray Benz C 220 and it was parked on the side of the road. After we spotted Laerti, he left us 500 meters in front of her and Firdeus and I went to the vehicle and saw that there was only one guy sitting as a driver who was apparently consuming cocaine. I went to the mosque, I was armed with a pistol, but I don't remember exactly which pistol. And Firdeus had a pistol, but he did not take it out. I had the gun in my hand and my hand down, I don't know if he saw the gun, I knocked on the window and introduced myself as a policeman and told him to get out of the car for inspection. He got out, I rode as a driver and Firdeus sat as a front passenger. I, Firdeusi and Laerti took this car to Tepelena, it stayed there for 15-20 days parked there because it was going to be used for another criminal event...".

The repentant says that: "...specifically as far as we talked in that period, I heard from Laerti that Renato Kalivaçi alias Andrea Caushi would be killed and he would be killed on account of a person called Reno the Little and he lives in Dubai. ..”.

According to him, "Little Reno" had initially asked "Juli of Pashako" to carry out this event, because Reno is a friend of Juli. Juli also previously had Renato Kalivaçin (Andrea Caushi) as a friend, so he did not take it over, transferring it to Laert Haxhiu.

 "... for this work, I went to Saranda twice, according to Laerti's order, by vehicle to see the possibility of finding Renato with the intention of killing him. I remember once that I went with Laerti and another time with Laerti and Fation Veliu. After 15-20 days since I haven't found Renato Kalivaci, I went and got gray gasoline in Tepelena and left it at the garage, where the Tirana Police found it, after the armed robbery I did in "Astir" and the murder incident of Andrea Çaushi, was not completed. As for the citizen named "Little Reno", I personally do not know him and I have never met him, but I have only heard about him from Laerti, who was called "Little Reno", Artan Tafani said.