"His father is trying to hide the crime", the journalist publishes Naim's messages: Behxheti gave me 30 thousand euros

2023-12-10 13:01:20Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Journalist Milaim Zeka has published on social networks the messages that Naim Murseli sent to his American friend, through which he asked for 8 thousand euros in debt. Among other things, he tells his friend that Behgjet gave him 30 thousand euros.

Zeka accuses Naim's father of trying to cover up the murder from the beginning.

"When the father becomes the mouthpiece of a planner of the murder of his family

According to the Kosovo Police, Naimi has admitted everything about planning the murder. He had even invited the murderer to dinner, in the same restaurant, but with another table.

This whole real and bizarre story is like a terrible telenovela.

Naimi being inside, and wanting to increase the number of clicks, a charlatan journalist, and some moderators, portals and newspapers, bring all kinds of conspiracy theories, not referring to investigations and police statements. They talk about a lot of lies, to kill the truth.

Naim's father is at the top of the list, who from the beginning has been suspected of trying to hide the crime.

From the readiness "to kill the boy" it now appears defensive, even disinformation. There are also accusations against the police, as well as people who know the truth about Naim.

If you are not ready to tell the truth, you better shut up.

It's just an SMS from Naim where an American asks him for a loan, even with usury...", writes Milaim Zeka.