Duman's right wing: Eldi Dizdari ordered the businessman's murder at the lake!

2023-12-11 13:20:22Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Henrik Hoxha, seeks to restore his status as repentant, claims for the first time another name as the person who ordered the assassination of businessman Lulzim Masha .

In the Special Court, a preliminary hearing was held for the persons arrested in the framework of the "Golden Bullet" operation.

Henrik Hoxha, the former associate of law whose status was revoked, suspected of several murders, requested through his lawyer that his status of associate of justice be restored.

Hoxha argued that he was the fairest accomplice since he told events and details of the crimes more than any other accomplice.

With the removal of the status as a result of the non-declaration of some events where he was the author or collaborator according to SPAK and GJKKO, he no longer benefits from the reduction of the sentence.

Hoxhaj was an accomplice of Nuredin Duman and his group in several murders and assassinations.

Regarding one of the criminal events, that of the assassination of the businessman Lulzim Masha, Hoxha, despite the statements of Nuredin Duman, said that the orderer was the much-wanted justice who is suspected to be hiding in Dubai, Eldi Dizdari.

Earlier he had stated that he had agreed with Skerdi Tasin to kill the businessman. According to Henrik Hoxha, Nuredin Dumani had told him that Lulëzim Masha's son should be killed, as he was deceiving people and taking money from them.

Since the boy was hiding in Macedonia, the "customers" tried to kill his father, while 100,000 euros were offered for the assassination.

Henrik Hoxha's statement in court today is viewed with reservations as he had previously said that he did not know on whose behalf Nuredin Dumani had received this order. Meanwhile, the latter himself stated that Aleksandër Baho ("Sakati") was involved in this event.

Dumani would confess that after Suel Çela, who was wanted as part of the "Golden Bullet", gave him the number of the person who wanted to eliminate the owner of the school, he went to Gjilan in Kosovo where he secured the weapons, the motorcycle and the money for him. carried out the execution of Lulzim Masha. According to Duman, this person is Aleksandër Baho. A full 150,000 euros were offered for this murder.

Regarding the assassination of Lulzim Masha, SPAK has charged Henrik Hoxhajn, Skerdi Tasen, Nuredin Duman and Suel Çela.

The preliminary hearing for the defendants with the 16 members of the criminal groups was adjourned until next Friday as some of the lawyers attended another hearing and requested time to familiarize themselves with the acts.