A PHOTO is released, this is the young man who raped and robbed the employee of a gas station in Tirana!

2023-12-11 12:08:13Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The photo of the young man, Aleksandro Lazaj, who raped and then robbed the employee of a gas station in Tirana, is published.

The police published the announcement that they have arrested young people, Aleksandro Lazaj , 22 years old and Kristjan Lazaj , 21 years old, residents of Tirana.

Fuel security cameras also captured the moment of the employee's robbery. Blute e Tirana informs that Aleksandro Lazaj got out of the car where he was with Kristjan Lazaj, while they were supplying the car with fuel.

When he got off, he fought with the gas station employee who resisted, in order to save the money, putting his life at risk. But the young robber continued to rape her and then took her daily allowance.

The police seized the knife cutting tool, a fist enhancer, the clothes and the vehicle that the suspected perpetrators used to commit the crime in the car.