Forensics expert: There was a conflict between Liridona and Naim, the relatives knew about it

2023-12-11 12:10:57Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Liridona Ademaj and Naim Murseli

Criminalistics expert Mensut Ademi believes that there was a conflict between Liridona Ademaj and Naim Murseli, which according to him, their close family circle or friends were aware of.

Ademi stated that this is also understood from the statements made by Naim Murseli's father and Liridona Ademaj's brother.

"If we analyze the statements of the deceased's brother or Naim's father, there was a conflict. In all likelihood, the cause, not only in this case, the cause is known from the immediate circle, and the immediate circle is the family first, the social circle second.

"Comrades, friends and family know very well what was the cause, the cause, that led to the commission of this criminal act... In this case, the perpetrator and the victim have left traces if we see that there were problems. The victims have left their mark. The traces are written somewhere, either on electronic devices, or in a diary, or someone has confessed the problems that the persons in question had", said the expert in a TV interview.