They killed his father and seriously injured him, who is Gjin Guri who was assassinated today in Dukagjin

2023-09-27 19:38:07Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Gjin Guri and his father, Zefi, fell prey to an assassination attempt with firearms this afternoon on Mount Shoshi in Dukagjin.

It is reported that Zef Guri was killed by a barrage of bullets, while his son Gjini was seriously injured and was sent for treatment to the Shkodra hospital.

But Gjin Guri is not unknown to the public. In 2015, he opened fire on police officers, as they were trying to carry out an inspection of cannabis plots in this area. He was sentenced to 7 years in prison for cultivating cannabis and carrying weapons without a permit.

But in 2021, Gjin Guri would become the target of an assassination attempt, when unidentified persons planted explosives in his bar in Shosh. During this period, he was engaged in passenger transport from Mount Shoshi to Shkodër.

Unidentified persons shot at them this afternoon, killing Zef Guri, while his son Gjini is reported to be in critical condition.

So, the police forces have gone to the scene, but the mountainous and broken terrain seems to make their work difficult to track down the perpetrators.