Dalin PAMJET: How Laert Haxhiu's group was captured

2023-09-28 15:55:26Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The State Police has distributed the images of the "Never Forget" operation, thanks to which several serious criminal events were revealed. The operation that started on Wednesday evening and continued until the early hours of today, was finalized with the execution of 12 arrest warrants. 4 other people were declared wanted.

6 murders, 5 explosions with tritol, violent robbery and 3 attempted murders have been solved by the State Police thanks to the penitent, Artan Tafani. The 39-year-old is a member of Laert Haxhiu's group, an opponent of Aldo Bares, and has discovered 19 serious criminal events.

Tafani was arrested a week ago for stealing 30,000 euros at a currency exchange point in the Astir area, a crime that happened 3 months ago. After the identification, the police kept him under surveillance with the suspicion that he was involved in some serious criminal events. Artan Tafani was discovered after finding in a garage the bicycle he used to get away from the robbery of the foreign exchange point. A car was also found in the garage, which was found to have been used in a serious criminal event. He was arrested in a hotel in Lushnja. Tafani has agreed to testify, taking the status of repentant. The 39-year-old has shown the crimes in which he participated and all the members of the group led by Laert Haxhiu.

6 are the killed persons: Alban Semaku, Çajup Selimi, Albi Bashaliu, Fridmand Xheferraj, Lulzim Qorri and Dickens Halili. The last two were executed in Athens. The operation of the special forces was mainly concentrated in Elbasan and Lushnje, while the investigations are being followed by the prosecutor of Elbasan, Kreshnik Ajazi.

Among those arrested is Laert Haxhiu's girlfriend, Klea Gjata. The justice bodies are expected to submit to the Greek authorities the new evidence against Laert Haxhiu, who was arrested on May 23 of this year in Ioannina. The Greek court decided to refuse the extradition of Laert Haxhiu to Albania. He is in prison and is being tried for the charge of leaving the scene of the accident and disturbing the public peace.