"I thank Rama", Macron from Tirana: Energy fear scenarios are not for me

2022-12-06 11:22:11Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

President Emanuele Macron has given a strong message from the EU summit in Tirana. He clarified some topics that will be discussed at this summit, such as the war in Ukraine or the energy issue in the EU.

" I have always said the same thing that the discussions and the war in Ukraine is a matter of security for the whole region. We have been working since February-March. I am very happy to be in Albania, I thank Mr. Rama for this summit of the EU and the Western Balkans at an important moment for the Czech presidency.

We have concrete projects to discuss, it is important to have solidarity through the EU and the Western Balkans for energy and the process of integrating this part into the EU. To work towards solidarity. We will have the opportunity here and together with Chancellor Scholz to discuss.

This debate is absurd. The role of public authorities is not to govern through fear. The role of ministers is to do their job in relation to energy. This is not to scare people into absurd scenarios. Stop please, we are a big country. The fear scenario is not for me. In such a sunny country, you should be proud to host the EU ," Macron said.