Flamur Noka is irresistible when he talks about the "Primaries", Ylli Rakipi: Answer the gentlemen who contest them?

2022-12-06 09:44:46Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Flamur Noka has considered the primaries of the Democratic Party as "wonderful" and "democratic". 

Invited to the show "The Unexposed", where there were two candidates for the Kamza primaries, Asllan Dogjani and Shemsi Prençi, who contest the process, Noka said that there may have been some irregularities, but he declared the primaries excellent. 

Flamur Noka: What are the primaries? Do you consider them a success?

Ylli Rakipi: When they are manipulated, no. When trickery is done on purpose, I consider it masquerade and deception. Answer the two gentlemen (Dogjani and Prençi) who contest them, don't tell me what the primaries are.

Flag Noka: What are primaries? They are the greatest success of democracy. I have friends with those gentlemen. It's a branch that may have had a list problem. It is among the only branches that candidates have filled endless forms. 

There may have been bugs and errors. But what are primaries? We are talking about primaries in a country where there is monism that appoints, dictates and has eliminated the vote. You deal with bugs in one area.

In a country where there is monism, primaries are hope for the return of democracy and free voting. This is. Primaries are success stories.

Where do you think, in what country are they applying, it's amazing! You realize that a branch has had some problems. We are the PD that has enriched the lists vote after vote.

It is a party since March 23, we have not found any membership list. The lists are being processed and perfected.