RARE / The businessman without offshore is bullied by family, relatives, society...

2022-08-16 22:33:53Patronazhisti SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX


TIRANA - The 55-year-old businessman Lame Gjytyrymi would never have thought that after a lifetime of work, creating not-so-modest living conditions and education for his wife and three children, helping relatives and friends as much as possible, he would there would come a time when he would be mocked and ignored in this way.

Mr. Gjytyrymi claims for the Patronageist that the behavior of the most beloved people began as coldness, then passed into irony and insidious mockery, until it transformed into open bullying.

"I learned the word bullying recently, because I was very busy. I started working in 1993, first with small trade. Hand in hand I opened a shop, kiosk. But not without permission. I bought the place where I was going to put the kiosk, took out the necessary permits and paid the taxes. I didn't put the money into the pyramids, but I continued working. Now I have three shops, I have also built a hotel on the coast. I employed a total of 35 people, " the mediocre businessman confesses with tears in his eyes.

He claims that last year, during the summer, the children who study abroad were cold. This is especially so after the older son, who studies in Vienna, asked him as if by chance, " Dad, why didn't you talk? " I wanted to ask, have you opened a shell company? I thought of a very interesting scheme...".

The lonely Lamja replied that the only shells he had were the ones he collected on the coast when he was little.

"If you need them, take them, " he said to his son, "If they don't have any value, who knows."

The boy made an ironic grimace, recounted the conversation of the brother and sister, one a student in Paris and the other in Milan, and all three burst out laughing.

"Completely outdated. He has no idea. My God, it doesn't fill up at all ," said the elder.

Gjytyrym didn't like it, but he decided that the young man's arrogance will soon pass, until he starts earning his own salary. But this was only the beginning.

"One day, my wife takes me aside and tells me: Open an offshore company, I'm stupid, because the world is fed in Lek. Linda's husband is thinking about where to hide the millions, you can barely pay for school for the reeds, you loser!"      


For Lame Gjytyrymi, words like shell company and offshore became a daily part of the vocabulary even among business colleagues. Through the desks he could only hear "Delaware, Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands, Singapore, Cyprus, Liechtenstein... I spoke with Ahmet Arbenaj... I transferred because Zamiri told me... Ceti guaranteed me that Panama has better percentages ".

Once he tried to enter the conversation, he started talking about the beauty of the islands of Ksamil, only to cause his friends to gasp.

Broken friendships were put to rest by a tactless intervention by Lame, when he reminded a couple of fellow entrepreneurs that the next week was the date of payment of insurance for employees.

"They frowned, as if I had insulted their mothers," remembers Lame Gjytyrymi, "and they told me, go away, Lame, leave us alone." Kungul remained a desolate mor!"

Sad and bored, the businessman left behind in the world, has long been listening to the whispers of his sons, "Dad , have you collected more shells or still?" , the pins of his wife, " you a shell company that is empty from the inside and you can't do it, it's a wonder how you set up stores that are full", or the jokes of friends, "hey Lame, what does Ksamili say?"

Here, Lame Gjytyrymi closes the story, " this is how I learned what it means to be bullied. I once said to complain to the police about verbal domestic violence. Then I thought of reporting to the Chamber of Commerce, but I am ashamed that they will find out that I pay insurance and taxes one by one, and I will become the gas of the world".    

Note: Patronageist is an onshore satirical column