COURAGEOUS DECISION / Sazani will burn non-stop, to orient ships coming from Ecuador

2022-06-06 13:13:05Patronazhisti SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Lighted Sazani orienting cargo ships

TIRON / VLONA - After the confusion of the first hours and the news that the civil emergencies and the forces of the Albanian Army have urgently gone to the strategic island of Sazan to extinguish the flames that started suddenly, the Ministry of Defense and the Directorate of Civil Emergencies have issued a statement explanatory for the media.

According to the statement, Sazani was not burned accidentally, nor by any dark hand for black purposes.

"The decision to illuminate our heroic island was taken by the Albanian government, delegated for implementation to the Ministry of Defense and Civil Emergencies," the announcement says. It is learned that the reason is very practical, and even humanitarian: The lighted Sazani will help orient cargo ships crossing the Otranto Canal, as an original super-lighthouse that will eliminate the confusion of the destination and end the shipment of loot to the wrong address.

"The reason for sending military and civilian emergency personnel to the island is not to put out the flames, but to manage the fire. This, so that the flames burn slowly but safely, and last as long as possible. "It is thought that after consuming the bushes and forests, we will continue with the controlled burning of ammunition, fuel tanks and everything else that catches fire," said the official statement.

Making a brief history, the announcement specifically mentions the frequent shipwrecks of goods that have recently departed from Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, and instead of arriving at the port of Durres, have ended up in the Italian ports of Corfu. , or in Bar, Budva and other Dalmatian ports. On the other hand, many ships with equally good merchandise, which came to Durrës, actually had as destination Bari, Brindisi, Italy or Dubrovnik, Croatia. This situation has confused freight recipients across the Adriatic and Ionian, and traders have not hesitated to accuse governments of neglect of small and medium-sized businesses.

“Prandaj, ky kaos duhet të marrë fund,” thotë njoftimi, “tani e tutje anijet amerikano-latine dhe kontejnerët e tyre me banane, mango, avogado, arra kokosi dhe tuti-fruti do të mbërrijnë të sigurtë për aty ku janë nisur”.

Megjithatë, analistët kanë vënë disa pikëpyetje mbi planin. Sipas ekspertit Vangjush Lorenci, do vijë një moment që Sazani do mbarojë së djeguri, sado i kujdesshëm të jetë menaxhimi i flakëve. Çfarë do të ndodhë me tej?

Kësaj dileme iu përgjigj menjëherë shefi i Emergjencave Civile Çaki Hako.

"Mr. Vangjush, we have thought about this part as well. If Sazani leaves, the burning will end, in cooperation with the Minister of Defense Niku Akriliku, we will light the corner of the Karaburun peninsula in a professional way and in cooperation with our Panamanian partners. You have in mind that Karaburun itself has the shape of a candle. It will burn slowly, from top to bottom, providing light for ships and boats for many years to come! ”

Note: The patronage is a satirical column that believes that fires should be kept under control. Until they go out on their own.