WARNING / Police explain to citizens: Flying by plane, much safer than flying by car!

2022-05-16 19:25:33Patronazhisti SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
A car flight enthusiast trying to break free from the ground

TIRANA - Due to the alarming increase in serious cases of car accidents, the State Police has made public yesterday a recent study, in an attempt to dispel misunderstandings and dubious information related to flight safety.

"The State Police informs the citizens, specifically the drivers, that the safety of the flights is indisputable, but it is only about the flights by plane. "The study we conducted after numerous observations, makes it clear that car flights are not safe, and even pose a high percentage of risk for physical injury, even for life," says the police announcement.

"To put it bluntly, flying by plane is much, much safer than flying by car," explains the Police. the flight, even if it was short, with the gasoline of the father from whom you secretly took the car key to do a lap with your friends ”.

The study concluded that international flights, charter planes, small private jets, and even sports planes used to transport messages up to a ton and a half and use improvised runways in Vermosh meadows or the beaches of Divjaka and Ishm, are far more secure compared to the dangerous enthusiasm they can give a few seconds in the air with their brother's Renault, or with their uncle's son's Toyota.

"Even based on concrete cases, every accident with unsafe planes, as in the cases found a few years ago on the coast of Ishm or on the plateaus near Koplik, has ended with a traumatic lowering of the vehicle and a broken wheel, but the passengers have escaped. "Good health," said the police statement, adding, "even according to our data, the above carriers realized the mistake and reduced the weight of the goods, then continued undisturbed with successful flights."  

The reaction of the police comes at the right time, since many Albanians, while caught in paranoia and fear when flying by plane, but the same have no problem trying to fly by car, ending up in ravines, ditches, canals with and without water, or courtyards and roofs of private houses by the roadside.

"Believe in science, believe in statistics and not myths and superstitions," the statement concludes, "when it comes to transportation, the absolute percentage of injuries and loss of life comes from flying. "Therefore, if you have decided to fly, do it by plane, even with leeks, but not by car."  

Note: The patronage is a satirical column with feet on the ground