EXCLUSIVE / DP National Council condemns Biden, Blinken and Bleona as anti-American

2022-04-30 17:48:31Patronazhisti SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Salih Behrisha teaching Bleona how to beg

TIRANA - With unanimous votes, the National Council of the Democratic Party convened by Çlirim Pekollari declared on Saturday the American citizens Joe Biden, Andon Blinken and Bleona Sherbeti, as anti-American with a mark.

The patronage learns that the exciting decision was made after fierce and heated debates, which highlighted all the anti-American behaviors of the aforementioned citizens.

The attitudes of the participants fluctuated between the desire of some to once again lend a hand to the haram in question, and the call of some others to send these sinners to the dustbin of history.

The one who proposed a more lenient measure for Biden, Blinken and Bleona, for example, a note with a note on the registration card, was the ordinary Democrat Salih Behrisha. Calling for restraint, Behrisha suggested that Biden and Blinken simply be criticized in the party press.

"One way for them to correct themselves would be to ask them 25 questions in a trusted newspaper, or on a prestigious website like Syçka. The second step would be to temporarily expel them from the DP, and let them run a union or football club. The third step, to readmit them to the party and have a nice day, to tell them that some armed people have been seen near the party headquarters, so let them go out a bit and ask what they want, "Berisha said amid applause stormy, adding with the classic innocent smile, "the others you know….".          

Regarding the citizen Bleona Sherbeti, Salihu was of the opinion that this problematic American should be re-educated and learn how to beg.

"Because I assure you, that she does not know how to beg with them, sir," he said. And to illustrate how he begged, Behrisha sat down and began to crawl.

"This is how it is done," he said.

However, in the face of this soft attitude, most of the democrats who have written the history of Albanian conservatism reacted, such as Flamur Gagaçi, Jozefina Guguftuja, Belind Balluku-Këlliçi, Gone Kollsenteri, etc. They demanded that Biden, Blinken and Bleona be declared anti-American with a stamp and sent for re-education in Savër, Lushnja, then accommodated in Kanina Castle, under the careful care of freelance democrat Evi Karadumani-Angjellaqi-Papadhaqi-Kokalaqi.

Next, the National Council welcomed the peaks of world conservatism from every corner of the world. The congratulatory letters came from the Italian Jorgjie Meloni-Mussolini, the well-known German conservative Rudolf Hilteri, the Mongolian exponent of the center-right Aristidh Genghis Khan and especially, from the guru of the modern Russian right, Vladimir Putan.   

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