DATA / How worried are young Albanians about inflation, Snow, Donald and Trix?

2022-07-09 15:09:28Patronazhisti SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
A worried girl gets clarification from a Top Channel inflation expert

TIRANA - Sources for the Patronageist from the Clicks Department indicate that 95% of young people in the age group of 17-25 years are extremely worried about the fact that Donald threw a peg at Trixi about the Bora issue.

The dramatic figures highlight the dramas and traumas of today's Albanian youth, which seem to be the headlines of this summer, especially after Vedati and Meneksheja failed to kiss, disappointing popular expectations.

The Click Department clarifies in confidence that the same young people who are stressed about Trix, Snow and Donald, don't want to know about the mundane headlines that highlight the government's successes, such as inflation rising to 7.4%, the highest figure high in Albania since the time of the pyramids. According to the graph of the data we have, even those 5% who tried to learn more about inflation, commented on social networks that:

1. The government lies, inflation is certainly much lower, but they want to invent unreal successes.

2. Inflation has really increased and the government should be well done, but the problem is that not everyone benefits equally from this increase, but only the rich.

3. And the third, the Doctor has me ... slave here, you will see, here we have been.

The Click Department adds that two girls who apply cream to their legs live on Top Channel expressed their concern about inflation, a rapper who during the day calls on young people to stay away from drugs, while at night he sells them; another rapper who by day issues anti-violence messages, while by night he posts videos on the Internet of himself beating up rivals, as well as a professional rally speaker.

For example, a foot-painting girl stated:

"Inflation can be avoided, it is enough to maintain good hygiene in every part of my body, and the tools I use are detoxified, so there are no germs, I told you. Then you turn to medicine, inflation goes away only with antibiotics".

Meanwhile, the sources indicate that precisely ordinary and not at all interesting factors like this 7.4 percent above, will influence that over 50% of young people worried about Trix, Snow and Donald, cancel high school and start working as waiters; to leave the waitership and go abroad; to do school and work at the same time, and in their free time to follow what Stresi does with Noizi; or become millionaires with euros without even knowing it, if they were lucky enough to have someone steal their identity card and personal data to establish a banana-incinerator company.        

Note: Patronageist is a satirical column that confuses inflation with inflammation and infection