"I don't allow it anymore, the earth and the sky come together"/ Luizi and Kiara fight again: I did it for Efi

2023-01-29 19:48:23Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Kiara and Louise

Luiz Ejlli and Kiara Tito had a fight with each other again today (Sunday).

It was the Albanian singer who offended him, while afterwards the presenter got irritated because of his constant behavior.

They then made a clarification together, as Eylli told him that he is doing all this for Efi and that he did not mean to hurt her.

He then apologized to her saying that no one in this world loves her more than him.

Kiara Tito : You can see how you treat me, I don't want to listen without apologizing.

Luiz Aylli:  You will hear my version. I'm doing it for Efi.

Kiara Tito : I don't mean any kind of offense by that word.

Luiz Aylli : Do you think I should say it? I have been awake since morning. I'm dealing with Efi. I apologize.

Kiara Tito : I don't allow it anymore, the earth and the sky come together, I'm serious. From breakfast to dinner you tell me I love you, then you say that word.

Luiz Ejlli : Make the separation between me as a resident and Luiz for you.

Kiara Tito : Dealing with everyone is your game, but make a difference. I don't want to listen anymore and I'm not laughing at you because you take it for granted. You must be an example of how you treat a girl in your arms.

Luiz Aylli : I kick myself, not you.

Kiara Tito : I don't allow you any kind of insult.

Luiz Ejli : I apologize for making you feel bad. I apologize and that I never thought.

Kiara Tito : Your impulsiveness makes you sometimes talk more than you should. You know when you do these kinds of scenes I pull back.

Louise Aylli : Give me a hug.

Kiara Tito : At this point you don't have a hug.

Luiz Aylli : I'm sorry a million times, just please believe me that no one in the world loves you more than me.

Kiara Tito : Time will tell, let it flow.

Luiz Aylli : Have you forgiven me?

Kiara Tito : I will forgive you for apologizing