PHOTO/ Donald Veshaj is photographed in the former Block, plan to open a business after the closing of the show

2023-01-29 14:37:54Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Donald Veshaj

Donald Veshaj is among the most followed characters currently. He and Bora were definitely the most followed couple during the past year, getting attention in their every step. But after the brilliance of social networks, it seems that they find daily commitments separately.

Our paparazzi photographed the comedian in Blok, where he was alone this time. As always dressed in sport and with a hood on his head, as if to somehow hide from the eyes of the curious, the former finalist of "Big Brother Vip 1" has made the whole way to the Block, talking on the phone. For all the visitors of the Block, this is a frequent sight of him, since the actor often chooses the bars of this area for his meetings, but also for outings with society.

But on the other hand, at the heart of Bllok is also the business that he will open soon, together with his friend, Blerim Destanin, reports Panorama Plus. It is about an architecture studio, the field where the actor is currently focused.

The duo's new projects are now focused on business. Bora just launched her new line of sportswear, focusing on this area as well. But their new plans are already more than that.

The duo has also started the production of their first film. The first details say that they will take over the production of this film, which is expected to be several series, and of course their love story will be in the center of attention.