PHOTO/ Bjordi Mezini in a love relationship with the famous actress?

2023-01-29 13:48:05Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Bjordi Mezini has revealed some details of his love affair. Speaking of his girlfriend, he seems to have let us know who it is.

He has recently stated that his partner is an actress, a few years younger than him in age, without revealing more details. Bjordi greeted his girlfriend and told her that he loves her and their daughter very much. The resident then clarified that he was referring to their cat, Amman.

That was enough to reveal the identity of the girl who stole his heart. It was the cat that discovered them. Actress Anna Lika has a photo on social networks, where she is together with her cat, Amma. That was enough to make the connection between them. Even Bjordi himself has some photos and videos on "Instagram" with Amman, the cat that appears in Anna's photo. Anna and Bjordi met on the set of Ermal Mamaqi's series, "HOT".

Anna is there in the role of one of the protagonists, while Bjordi is the director of the series. Their relationship was entirely amicable at first, but then the pair started this relationship, which seems to be on the verge of turning into a solid relationship. For more than a year, the pair managed to hide from the eyes of the followers, enjoying this relationship away from the eyes of the curious. But while for many, this story was not known, it seems that for the family it was very consolidated. If we take a look at social networks, Anna's entire family follows Bjordi, including the two famous aunts, Inisi and Ingridi.

In her interviews, the actress also spoke about Bjordi, but limiting her statements only to work reports. While talking about her role in the series, the actress confessed that a situation had caused her to withdraw from the series. She said that in the beginning many hot scenes were planned for her which she could not act by withdrawing from the series. But, he added that with Ermal's insistence, he returned and these scenes were reduced.

"I went and read the first two posts, it seemed to me like myself but with a small difference that I am not looking for a man with money. I read the first two series, I read the third, and what I didn't do, no actor, cameraman left without bumping into me in different places. And it came as a bomb to me, because I was not prepared for this. I say no, I won't do it, if the scenario isn't changed, I said I won't come, Bjordi told me 'ok' don't come. And ran away. With Ermal's insistence, they tried to take things from my house, these scenes were reduced to something that seemed very normal to me and I came back stronger than ever" , said Anna.

Her aunt, Inis Gjoni, is also part of the series. But what was it like for Anna to work with her aunt? "In the beginning, during the scenes with Inis, I was a little embarrassed that what he has taught you is in front of you. I was a bit tired, then I was embarrassed from the first double, so I enjoyed it", said Anna in her statements, where it seems that with Bjordi there was not even an easy start. But after almost 1 year of relationship, it seems that the first details of this love story have already begun to be revealed, which will probably soon turn into one of the most loved couples of "showbizz".