Jonathan's friend speaks: I would like to connect with Diola, the telenovela audience will

2023-01-29 16:49:06Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Diola and Jhonati

The weekly rehearsal that brought Jonathan and Diola together in a dance seems to have caused talk of a passion between them.

People on social media have noticed a tug-of-war that could turn into something more.

But what does the journalist and friend of John, Artion Vreto, think about this?

"I would like him to use this thing (the connection with Diola) because the public and the media want telenovelas. It is a marketing game and it would do well. But, knowing Jonathan, I know that there will be nothing. Because he does not do things without felt. It doesn't go with a strategy. Definitely there could be something, but we analyze what we see outside" - he said in the "BBV Fan Club" show.

Meanwhile, regarding the fact that John gave Olta information from outside on the first day, Artioni said that it was not intentional.

"Johnny when he came in he came the day before from Spain. He didn't even know what clothes to get. It was unconscious information. John wasn't even prepared for what's really going on in Big Brother. We told him to be himself. Half of knows. He made a mistake unintentionally. I am convinced that his actions were 100% unintentional, he did not enter with that intention," said Artjoni.