Tea's sister Habib: Luiz doesn't love Kiara, he gets along very well with Tea

2023-01-29 15:54:43Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Tea, Luizi and Kiara

"Tea loves Luiz, Luiz loves Kiara, Kiara loves herself or someone else!" These were the words of Zhaklin Lekatar, who declared for the first time publicly that Tea may have a crush on Luiz.

But before that, social media users have pointed this out, not only with comments but also with various videos and posts.

Recently, "Big Brother" decided that in the "Talen Show" game, Luizi and Tea would sing a song together. Luiz-Tea videos immediately "exploded" during rehearsals, where the focus was on the way the latter looked at the singer.

Many social media users think that Tea has a crush on Luiz based on her body language: her sparkling eyes, her smile, her hands, etc.

Tea's sister, Maria, has recently spoken about this, and she has not rejected such a possibility. Invited to the "Fan Club", she said that there is chemistry between them and even that Luiz doesn't like Kiara.

"Tea analyzes first, then enters. Unlike Louis. That's why they didn't have chemistry. After the song they performed together this week, it seemed that everything changed. You only talked about Tea, but Luizi does the same things. As friends they are very comfortable and talk about different things. If Luiz had some boundaries, they would be good friends. I don't think Luiz has any big crush on Kiara. It just started the game like that and will continue now. Tea has been close to him since the beginning when Luizi was not so fussy. I don't believe it's coming close to getting more attention. Tea does not hold a grudge even though Luizi has disappointed her. I believe they will get closer. They understand each other very well and have a good conversation. Anyway, it depends on Luizi," said Tea's sister.