"Choose either me or Luiz"/ Olta puts Armaldo in a difficult position: You have a few days

2023-01-29 16:33:48Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

More than a month of stay in the Big Brother house has passed, where the first groups and alliances were created, while Armaldo appeared distant and this was discussed for a long time.

Yesterday evening, Olta advised the tenor to take a stand and choose between her and Luiz as according to her there are very few days available for his stay in the BBV house.

Olta told Armaldo that his moment has already come and he must choose, while the tenor had no reaction.

"Now, Maestro, this week you have a few days at your disposal, make up your mind, listen to me. Analyze what happened to you. You are cute and you are here and there, but this thing was commented on today. Listen to me, you have the moment to decide. There are no groups here, people move according to their whims and interests. You catch a Luiz or an Olta and take a stand, what if I make you a game plan, make you lift a lot. This is a fixed thing that you have not done until now. In all things 'bam' authoritarian" - advised Olta Armaldo.

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