"What does Luiz's girlfriend think about Kiara?". Again hints that the singer is tied up outside the BBV house

2023-01-29 19:23:52Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Louis and Kiara

Luiz seems to be born to mess with the followers.

Recently, another hint has taken over the web. It was Graciano who, with one of his questions, raised suspicions that Luiz is tied up outside the VIP house.

The conversation happened on 'E diell'.

"I want to know what Luiz's girlfriend thinks about Kiara, that's all I want to know," Graciano said.

After a moment of suspense, it was journalist Ervin Kurti who asked him: "Are you talking about the ex-girlfriend?"

"That's all I wanted to say, I don't want to talk anymore," Graciano said again.