Is there consent between them? Body language expert breaks down the Tea-Luiz relationship inside Big Brother VIP

2023-01-29 18:08:30Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Tea and Luizi

Non-verbal language expert Xenophon Ilia guest on Fun Club Big Brother VIP explained what Tea's body language shows towards Luiz.

He says that Tea has a liking for Luiz, based on her actions, while leaving open the discussion that the days will tell if this is a game on her part or a sincere attraction, since the artist is one of the strongest competitors in the house most famous in Albania.

Xenophon Ilia: If you look at the girl's eyes, they shine and enlarge in such a way, giving her liking to the boy. In the picture it is openly expressed, the opening of the arms shows an open display of consent, the eyes, the smile, the pupils show that there is an open consent without shouting, with the body language it shows that there is consent. She does it subconsciously and manifests it, her vision is clear, she sees it in the light of the eye. Whether he plays or not, we will see later. When we have two people in love, they are enough and walk at the same pace, we can also have his approach to her. Bending the neck to one side shows humility. Hand in pocket, if the photo is taken outside, it can be cold, people when they have their hands in their pockets show that they don't want to talk much, in this context it is necessary to see how and when under what circumstances they do these actions.

Ardit Çuni: Can a man act?

Xenofon Ilia: They can also fall prey to their acting, they are players.

Ardit Çuni: I still don't have a clear idea, but I can say that it seems that there is some approval.

Xenofon Ilia: The following days will tell if they are playing or not, but we have a show of sympathy.

We remember that Luiz's statement "if it wasn't for Kiara, I would be a couple with Tea", and Tea's looks towards him have caused many discussions on the network if more than friendship can be born between them.