"I was speechless"/ Luiz wants to reward his "soldier" for her loyalty: I will give Efi the ticket

2023-01-29 17:32:57Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Luizi and Efi

Luiz has declared that he wants to give him the lucky ticket that can bring him back to the house of "Big Brother Vip" Efit, as a "reward" for the loyalty he showed to him.

Luizi and Efi have been very close to each other, even being considered by the other residents as part of the same group, but their friendship was shaken after the dinner between Efi and Olta, after the singer's suspicions.

However, he dispelled those doubts after seeing the clip during the show and that Efi declared again that he has the same opinion about Olta, who is a negative character.

"I have to give Efi the ticket. Efi has openly declared for me and I can't let her down. I was speechless last night when she openly declared that she will be part of my group. Until I saw the clips I was against her." said Luizi during a conversation with Bjordi.

Bjordi also stated that he wants to give the lucky ticket to Efi, since he does not want to return home after being eliminated, but after being asked in the confession room, this was not allowed by the production.