"I was tired"/ The young Albanian singer tells the chilling story: I drank medicine...

2023-11-29 12:54:10Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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A day ago, a 21-year-old woman was invited to the show "Albania Live" and told her painful story, the constant struggle with depression.

She is Anula Xhaferraj, who is a young singer of hip hop, rap music, who is breaking into Albanian music. The 21-year-old first told how she realized she was bipolar and how the anxiety started.

Then the young woman confessed that her family has been very close to her and it was they who sent her to the psychiatrist. Even the first psychiatrist totally got the cure wrong and made it worse. But then another 2-3 psychiatrists changed.

Xhaferraj added that he also tried to commit suicide, taking 40 doses of medicine. And immediately after this episode, she has decided to change the course of her life.

Erjona Rusi: What made that the turning point, the turning point?

Anula Xhaferraj: Until a period, a few months ago, I took overdoses.

Erjona Rusi: Medicines or narcotics?

Anula Xhaferraj: Medicines. I was taking them to close the chapter or how can I say it... I was tired

Arjon Muça: You wanted to kill yourself?

Anula Xhaferraj: I thought about it sometimes, yes

Arjon Muça: So the purpose of taking more medication was to... and hope that this medication...

Anula Xhaferraj: Yes, I reached up to 40 grains. I am quoting a passage that toxicology told me. He told me that 'we didn't save you, God saved you'. So I thank God that I'm still here. Since then I have given up, I said stop, because I always took overdoses, almost 1-2 days, from 10-20 until I reached 40, that I reached almost the end.

Erjona Rusi: Did the family members not understand anything?

Anula Xhaferraj: When you're at that point, even your family doesn't control you anymore, despite the fact that they tried and stayed close to me. I found the moment.

Anula Xhaferraj: Definitely. I reached a point, with a lot of effort, to give up the overdose. I stayed in toxicology for 1 week, after that I gathered my strength and said 'What are you doing?'

Erjona Rusi: How did this change happen?

Anula Xhaferraj: I saw the family that was working hard, suffering too much. They reached a point where even they had no more strength.