Graciano Tagani will enter "BBV3"?! Argjira Spain upset: God save us...

2023-11-29 11:25:55Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The well-known dancer Graciano Tagani was invited to the "Live From Tirana" show yesterday, where he talked more about his experience in "Dancing with the Stars".

He showed that he is very proud of Fifi, who according to him has undergone a big change, both physically and professionally.

"I am very proud of Fifi, he has undergone a big change, both physically and professionally. It was the production's choice to be a partner with Fifi, but I was really hoping that Fifi would be my partner when the names of the VIPs who would be part came out. I am also happy for myself as I had been away from dancing for 5 years and I have no difference with those who have been dancing all this time," said the dancer.

At one point, through a telephone connection, the dancer's partner, Argjira Spanca, took part in the show, who said that she has missed Graciano recently as he is very engaged in the dance competition.

Asked by the journalist if he would miss Graciano if he entered 'Big Brother Vip 3', Argjira laughingly said: "God save us! I don't believe it will happen. I have a lot of trouble sleeping alone at night.”

On the other hand, she did not leave without mentioning the assessment that the jury of "Dancing with the Stars" gives to the competitors, which according to her, they put their points in vain.

"To be honest, they put a bit of money into it." - said Argjira.