"I have forgiven him", the former BBV competitor surprises Kiara and Luiz

2023-11-29 09:11:13Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Kejvina Kthella was one of the characters that created a lot of noise with her participation in "Big Brother Vip" and the reason for this was a debate created between her and Luiz, which ended with a slap in the face.

Regarding this action, Kejvina was expelled from the biggest house in Albania.

But it seems that the anger between the well-known duo has come to an end after this evening, Kejvina surprised Luiz and Kiara, congratulating them on the sweet reception.

The well-known TV personality has sent the beloved couple a beautiful bunch of flowers in the shape of a star, accompanied by a postcard, inside which he writes:

"Congratulations on the sweetest welcome mum Kiara and dad Lui. Blessings and blessings all your life, from Kejvina Kthella".

While reading Kevin's message, Luizi explained:

"I told her that she is a good girl. We all have nerves. I don't have to repeat that I have forgiven him since I was inside the house and of course I forgive him again. I wish her and her family happy holidays and good health. Thank you for everything".