Having crossed them once, the former resident of "Big Brother" apologizes to Luiz and Kiara

2023-11-28 17:55:14Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Kiara and Louise

The former resident of "Big Brother", Jetmir Salaj, surprised everyone with a statement on social networks.

The statement is related to the Luiz-Kiara couple, where he once crossed them, calling them untruths on the part of Kiara, since according to him she was with Luiz for attention and not for love.

Jetmiri made these statements together with former resident Anaid Kaloti.

Jetmiri has apparently changed his mind and now thinks that the situation he had created in his head is the opposite.

He surprised everyone as he apologized to them.

"First, I must apologize for not believing in your love.

Second: I wish you the best for your future.”

During BBV, Jetmir Salaj and Anaid Kaloti were accused by the couple's fans of profiting at the expense of Luiz's fame.