Is it separated from Elia Zaharia? Prince Leka's last act seems to seal their relationship

2023-11-29 09:53:02Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

For several weeks, Prince Leka ll and Elia Zaharia have been commented on in the pink media, due to hints that the couple's marriage is in crisis.

Yesterday evening, the Prince went unaccompanied to the reception that the President of the Republic Bajram Begaj is holding in the "Palace of Brigades" in honor of the 111th anniversary of the declaration of Albania's Independence, adding even more to the suspicions of a separation.

The news about their separation began to circulate, after Elia published some photos from the birthday of princesses Geraldine and prince Leka was nowhere to be seen, which raised suspicions that they may be going through a crisis as a couple, or they have quietly separated. Prince Leka congratulated his daughter on "Instagram" with a photo and a dedication that reads: "Happy birthday my daughter! May all your wishes come true, I can't wait to see what exciting adventures the coming year will bring us."

For a long time, Elia and Leka do not appear together even in various events where the prince has been invited. Previously, Elia accompanied her husband to every important event. But, apart from the events, they have not published a photo together for a long time.

Also, a few days ago it was reported that Prince Leka no longer wears his wedding ring for more than 1 year.

Another "evidence" that raises suspicions that there is a crisis in the couple is the fact that Prince Leka does not follow Elia on "Instagram", while the latter does "follow". For a long time, they are no longer seen together even in the social life of Tirana, where we often saw them being used.

It seems that the crisis between them is more real, for how long Leka himself has chosen to remove his wife from "Instagram", a sign that often tells us about the dynamics of a couple, and this time a royal couple.

For 15 years that this couple has been together, this is the first time that a separation has been discussed. This is due to the fact that both have preferred to show only the sweet details in this story, broadcasting a story with strong foundations, but which seems to have already shaken. In the few interviews given, both have spoken with notes of romance, while returning to their acquaintance.

However, the pair have chosen not to react to this news that their marriage is not in the best possible condition, remaining silent as it is still unknown what may have happened between them.