VIDEO/ With a bouquet of flowers and disguised, the thief 'COURIER' robs the safe in an apartment in Tirana!

2023-10-02 14:35:07Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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A thief in Tirana has disguised himself as a courier to rob a safe in an apartment on 'Siri Kodra' street, the former Punishtja e Pastave.

The images from the security cameras of another apartment in the building have been published, where the thief who is disguised with a space suit on his head and holding a bouquet of flowers and a suitcase in his hands, which he used to commit the theft, has been published.

After robbing the safe, he is seen again coming down and holding the bouquet of flowers in his hands. On the way down, after committing the theft, he pulls the suitcase harder.

It is not yet known what the thief robbed, the amount of lek or the value of the valuables. Meanwhile, the Police is asking for help from the citizens to identify him.