"Someone turned on the machine", the Albanian woman died while cleaning the meat grinder/ Shocking details: Premeditated murder is suspected...

2023-10-02 12:12:15Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The journalist stated that the woman's hair was first caught by the machine and then her neck.

Journalist Artur Bibe has given new details about the shocking event that happened a few days ago in Greece, where a 50-year-old Albanian died while cleaning a the machine that grinded the meat.

The journalist stated that the police are investigating an intentional murder, because someone started the machine that the woman was cleaning, at a time when it should not have been on. He added that the car caught the woman's hair first and then her neck.

" The two children are receiving help from the authorities, as they have also been accompanied by a psychologist to overcome the trauma they experienced, after they saw their mother dead first. The place where the woman worked was very close to their house.

It is reported that it is an accidental event, that someone started the car that the lady was cleaning. The investigation is being carried out as to whether it was an intentional homicide, as the machine should not have been switched on at the time. While the woman was cleaning, the machine turned on and first grabbed her hair and then, touched her neck, she put her hand in to stop the machine but could not and died.

The woman was divorced, previously she had a residence permit in Greece, but it was already illegal, as her passport had expired in 2013, "said the journalist.