"I will kill you...", revealed the two policemen who threatened to kill Firdeus Berberi at "Villa L".

2023-10-01 22:04:57Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
"I will kill you...", as Firdeus Berberi threatened the two policemen

Firdeus Berberi, the 22-year-old from Pogradec, who was wanted as part of the "Never Forget" mega-operation where members of Laert Haxhiu's gang were arrested, is also accused of threatening two policemen, an incident that occurred on April 6 of this year.

The two police officers who confronted Firdeus Berberi are EH and KI

In the file provided by the journalist Elton Qyno, the moment of the threat of two employees of the State Police, by Firdeus Berberi, is shown, which happened in Tirana.

At the time the incident happened, Firdeus Berberi was wanted for the stabbing of Johan Muçllari in Pogradec, as the Korça prosecutor's office accuses him of "Attempted murder" and "Unauthorized possession of weapons".

In April 2023, the two policemen failed to recognize Firdeus Berberi and could not arrest him as he was able to run away.

According to the investigative material, Berberi threatened with serious words, telling the policemen that he would kill them if they entered his apartment, which was located at "Villa L" in "Astir".

The event was recorded on April 6, 2023, when Firdeusi was still in Albania, wanted by the police and had not left Greece, with Laert Haxhiu.

But in this period, the criminal police had received information that Artan alias Marjus Tafani, the main suspect for the kidnapping and murder of Aldo Bare's gang member, Elton Mermali alias "Kinezi", was staying in the "Villa L" area.

Marjus Tafani, who today has returned to the prosecutor's office, was discovered by the Lushnja police to be the last person who met and took Elton Mermal in the car.

His discovery was made through film footage and the car's license plate. The same vehicle with the same license plate, in which Elton Mermali was riding, was filmed at a gas station near Peqin, while the vehicle was being supplied with diesel.

The police's suspicions about the role of Artan Tafan in this crime had increased, so the Lushnja police and the research structures of the State Police were committed to finding Tafan and questioning him.

The basis of his stay was discovered in April 2023 in the area of ??"Vila L" in "Astir", but again the police were unable to track him down. Tafani quickly left without being noticed by the police. Together with Tafan, Firdeus Berberi also fled, who threatened two police officers with their lives while fleeing.

After the incident, the two policemen filed a criminal complaint against the person who threatened them with life and "disturbed the public peace", material that was registered in the Tirana prosecutor's office and already after Artan Tafani's testimony, the file was withdrawn to the Elbasan prosecutor's office.

Firdeus Berberi is accused of "Theft with violence" carried out in cooperation (with the injured citizen Marjus Zejneli), "Threat due to duty" and "Disturbance of public peace".