"We are Albanians, you don't understand", says the friend: Klodiana felt that he was going to kill her, she said "my time is running out"

2023-10-01 12:15:29Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Klodiana and Alfred Vefa

After the serious event that happened in Italy a few days ago, where 36-year-old Klodiana Vefa, mother of two children, was executed by her husband, her close friend also reacted.

She says in an interview for "La Nazione" that she was aware of the incident and that the deceased was afraid of Alfred, since he knew that he was violent.

The friend confesses that she felt guilt and pain about the incident due to the fact that it was expected that the perpetrator could undertake a fatal act. The 36-year-old had told her that she was aware that he was carrying a gun and that she had been very worried about the children for days.


Yes, why hasn't Klodiana denounced her ex-husband if she felt in danger?

Friend: For her children. She was afraid that if she did he would hurt her children. She thought that even if she reported him, nothing would change. He was telling me that he will do whatever he wants anyway. Do you know what she was like?


Friend: She wanted to be happy, she was trying with all her might. He had found a person he was comfortable with.

If you could turn back time, what would you do?

Friend: I would go to the police and report with or without Klodiana's consent. Neither I nor her partner wanted to go against her wishes. We insisted a lot. We tried to convince him in every way. But in the end she cut us off saying: We are Albanians, you don't understand. We have respected her opinion to the end. 

Did he know about the weapon or about such an act?

Friend: What I can say is that Klodiana felt she was going to kill him. She never told me outright, but she did make it clear once that she had a gun, adding a sentence Now I'm running out of time.