E BUJSHME/ Repentant: Laertit obsessed you with killing the prosecutor of SPAK and Selim of Lushnje!

2023-09-30 21:02:21Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Laert Haxhiu

Doloreza Musabelli , one of SPAK's prosecutors, was targeted by Laert Haxhiu's group, with the aim of physically eliminating her or even her family members.

Such a shocking fact emerged from the testimony of the prosecutor's associate Artan Tafani , who explained to the prosecutor Kreshnik Ajazi that the Musabelli prosecution was placed in a red circle by Laert Haxhiu .

Ora has published shocking details on the testimony of the prosecutor's associate, who gave a detailed description of how they were doing to physically eliminate the three members of the Albanian judiciary, Doloreza Musabelli, prosecutor in SPAK, Merita Selimi, former prosecutor in Lushnja and Lushnja's lawyer, Adriatik Doga .

The repentant Tafani has shown that the plan to be executed was also the lawyer Adriatik Guri alias "Doga", who in a fraction of a second escaped the murder, in October 2021 in Lushnjë.

According to the associate of the prosecution, Laert Haxhiu was personally responsible for the murder of the lawyer. Lulzim Arapi was also part of this attempted murder.

The murder of the lawyer has failed because, at the moment when the criminal group landed with the arsenal of weapons in front of the apartment of the target, Adriatik Doga, they happened to meet one of his neighbors.

This has resulted in the three persons Artan Tafani, Laert Haxhiu and Lulzim Arapi not acting to shoot but waiting. However, the lawyer together with the neighbor went to the entrance of the building and did not come out.

The failure to kill the lawyer was also done because in that period, in the month of October 2021, Laert Haxhiu's group planned and killed Elton Mermal, the former member of the Lushnja gang.

Among the names that were included in Laert Haxhiu's plan to be killed was Doloreza Musabelli, but also another prosecutor in the city of Lushnja, named Merita Selimi.

In fact, Selimi was the prosecutor who investigated Laert Haxhiu, Orgest Bilbil and Anterio Kaloshi for the 2017 massacre, where Zamir Latifi and Jurgen Hoxha were killed, while Bujar Turku and Marjus Xhepexhiu were injured.

After two years of investigation, Selimi declared incompetence by bringing the file against the three defendants to SPAK.

The prosecutor of Lushnja, Merita Selimi, in July 2023, was dismissed by the Independent Qualification Commission (Vetting) with the two votes of Brunilda Bektesh, Etleda Çiftja. Lulzim Hamitaj voted "in favor" of her passage of the "Vetting" process, but it was not enough.

The case was taken by Doloreza Musabelli, prosecutor at SPAK. Where he has currently sentenced Orgest Bilbil and Anterio Kaloshi to life imprisonment, while Laert Haxhi is still in the trial phase.

According to the justice associate, both prosecutors were followed for several months, where the preparation of Laert Haxhiu and the members of his group was to kill them or their family members.

The prosecutor of SPAK, Doloreza Musabelli, has proven to have been followed by Laert Haxhiu's group. Such a fact was given by the associate of the prosecution of Elbasan, who indicated that:

"...Laerti wanted to attack Doloreza Musabelli, as she was the prosecutor of his case in SPAK. This prosecutor had sentenced Laerti's friend Orgest Bilbili and Anterio Kaloshi to life imprisonment.

While the trial for the punishment of Laertes was already following. Laerti, claimed that he had nothing to do with the incident and that this prosecutor was making fun of him. He was obsessed with impeaching the prosecutor or someone close to the family.

We have been following prosecutor Doloreza Musabelli for some time. We took pictures of her, her lawyer husband and children. Laerti said that the photos of the children should first be sent to the prosecutor's husband to see what impact and reaction it would bring.

Then action would be taken to execute prosecutor Musabelli or any of her relatives. Laerti had provided the weapons and everything else..." - stated the associate of the prosecution Artan Tafani.