The burning of the forest massif in Fier has been going on for five days, the fires remain active!

2023-09-30 18:46:36Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Fires in the forest massif of the protected area in Pishporo of Fier continue to be active. About 30 fires are currently active on the ground, for the neutralization of which 8 fire engines, the armed forces, AdZM forces, 50 support forces of the municipality and two bulldozers are opening the roads in the dense forest to enable the intervention of operational forces.

According to Prefect Lefter Shehaj, the outbreaks continue to be active, with lower intensity during the afternoon hours, while they reactivate from time to time favored by the strong wind, spreading to different areas according to the direction of the wind. It is learned that thanks to the commitment of operational structures, the protection of homes, economic units, plots with trees and olive groves on the border of the forest area has been ensured.

The massive fire of the last five days has been considered an environmental disaster, not only because of the significant surface area affected by the fires, but also because of the environmental pollution in the entire area covered by the smoke.