The gas leak in Shkoza, the owner of the gas station and two employees are arrested!

2023-10-01 11:19:11Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Gas leak in Shkoza

The owner of the gas station in Shkoza and two employees have been handcuffed by the Tirana Police, after violating the rules on explosives and combustibles and as a result a pipe was damaged which caused a gas leak in a gas station on "Sadik Petrela" street, in Shkoza.

Police notification:

Crime Investigation Specialists of the Police Station No. 4 arrested citizens A. Ç., 58 years old, (administrator in a subject), Xh. R., 38 years old, (subject manager), and MH, 54 years old, (driver), all three living in Tirana.

Citizen Xh. R., manages an entity on "Sadik Petrela" street, unlicensed for the trading of hydrocars. Yesterday, the citizen MH, while parking the tanker vehicle in this subject, damaged a pipe and as a result a gas leak was caused. Citizen A. Ç., administrator of this subject, has used devices that do not meet the essential security conditions.

The materials were passed to the Tirana Prosecutor's Office for further procedural actions.