Laert Haxhiu's gang appears before the Court today, the prosecution requests a prison sentence

2023-10-01 09:05:30Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Laert Haxhiu

On the morning of this Sunday in the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction Elbasan, the assessment session of the measure of arrest for the citizens arrested as part of Laert Haxhiu's gang will take place. The court session will be led by Judge Megi Strakosha.

Earlier, the Head of the Prosecution of Elbasan, Kreshnik Ajazi, asked the Court for the measure "Arrest in prison" for the 10 arrested members of Laert Haxhi's gang.

The members of this gang, which has caused several victims, ended up in handcuffs a few days ago after the police mega-operation coded "Never Forget", which made it possible to catch some dangerous criminal persons who were part of the Laert Haxhi Gang, part of to which Artan Tafani was also a citizen.

This has already turned into the penitent of justice. From his statements before the prosecutor's office, some of the most tragic criminal events in our country have been revealed, which turned out to have been committed by Laert Haxhi's gang, of which he was also a member, while the head of this gang is in Greece.

Laert Haxhiu has been arrested by the Greek authorities and is expected to be extradited to Albania to face justice.

The request for the measure "Arrest in prison" for:

1. Artan Tafani
2. Laert Haxhiu
3. Lulzim Spahia
4. Ligor Romacka
5. Erisjano Abedini
6. Marglen Topuzi
7. Idriz Manej
8. Bujar Abedini
9. Enriko Xhahysa
10. Bledar Berberi