It was mentioned in Tafani's testimony, the lawyer: If Laert Haxhiu wanted me dead, he would have killed me 100 times

2023-10-01 13:48:50Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Denisa Ruzi and Adriatik Doga

Adriatik Doga, the lawyer mentioned in the testimony of the repentant Justice Artan Tafani, spoke today exclusively on Breaking with "Denisa Ruzi on Top News".

The lawyer expressed shock during the interview with moderator Denisa Ruzi, emphasizing that no body from the State Police offered him protection after the name was mentioned in Tafan's testimony;

" I met Marjus Tafani 3 months ago. We drank coffee. I have a cousin and I never think that I was targeted to be killed by Laert Haxhiu, whom I do not know. I say hello to his father in Lushnje, but I only know Laert Haxhiu by face. Marjus Tafani is a drug user and I call his statement fiction. My family is terrified ."

Among other things, lawyer Doga, asked by the moderator if he had clients from Aldo Bare's gang, answered: "I have clients from all parties. Whoever asks me to offer services, I definitely do. I also met with the ex-prosecutor of Lushnje, who was also unaware that she was a target of Laert Haxhiu. I am not afraid of either Laert Haxhiu or Aldo Bare. I will follow every legal step. If Laert Haxhiu wanted me dead, he would have killed me 100 times, you can be sure of that" , concludes lawyer Doga.