The chain of command of the Pogradec gang is revealed, they formed an alliance with Laert Haxhiu to commit murder

2023-10-01 14:55:46Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The confession of 6 murders and other crimes by the repentant Artan alias Marjus Tafani, brought the police crackdown on Laert Haxhiu's group in Lushnje.

But this confession, given on behalf of the prosecution of Elbasan, had a domino effect, arresting characters from the world of crime who operated in Pogradec and Korça.

Through this operation, the prosecutor's office of Elbasan said that it has hit the bases of Laert Haxhi's criminal activity in Lushnjë, Pogradec and Korçë, arresting Meardi Berberi, Mariglen Topuzi, Ligor Romaçka known as "Golja" and Idriz Manej from Shkodra known with the nickname "Grandfather".

The case of the 13 arrested persons is expected to come for a more in-depth investigation at the SPAK, while today all those arrested will appear before the court of Elbasan to be familiarized with the security measure "arrest in prison". But the Pogradec group is bigger than the three people arrested a few days ago.

"Ora News" has provided a photo showing the entire chain of command of Pogradec's group, which formed an alliance with Laert Haxhiu and his gang, in order to commit various crimes up to the murder of individuals.

Andrea Pilinçi, the owner of Bar-Restaurant "Kashta" in Tushemisht, appears in this exclusively provided photo. Pilinçi was arrested a few days ago by the Korça prosecutor's office, during the "Temple" operation, after selling cocaine in his restaurant. Currently, Pilinçi is in the prison of Drenova.

Next to Andrea Pilic is Mariglen Topuzi, already arrested by the prosecutor's office of Elbasan, as the perpetrator in the murder of Fridman Xhaferaj in Korçë and the murder of Albi Bashali in Peqin.

Topuzi was previously convicted of "Destruction of property by fire", after burning Johan Muçllari's car in Pogradec. While it has been processed several times for various criminal offenses up to and including "Stalking" of women.

The other character who appears in a white T-shirt after Mariglen Topuzi is Bledar Qose, a member of the Pogradec group arrested and convicted in 2013 for "Intimidation" and "Unauthorized possession of weapons". Also, Bledar Qose was arrested for trafficking Syrian citizens.

While the other person standing at the head of the table and wearing a white T-shirt is Bledar Berberi, arrested by the Elbasan prosecutor's office as the shooter of Laert Haxhiu.

According to the associate of the prosecution Marjus alias Artan Tafani, Bledar Berberi, participated in the murder of Fridman Xhaferaj in Korça and Albi Bashali in Peq.

Bledar Berberi is the brother of Meardi Berberi, known in Pogradec with the nickname "Koro". Berberi is a close relative of Ilir Berberi or as he is known as "Lili i Rrushka", Laert Haxhiun, Firdeus Berberin, Mariglen Topuzin, Brian Syzo, Altedi Jolldashi and other people who are part of the gang.

Berberi was prosecuted in a free state by the Pogradec prosecutor's office for "Supporting the author of the crime", related to the event of April 2022, when Firdeus Berberi shot Johan Muçllar with a knife and a gun.

Meanwhile, behind Bledar Berber, stands his brother Meardi or (Koro). Meard Berberi, was convicted for the criminal offense of "Extortion by means of threats or violence to give away property", committed in collaboration.

While in the criminal reports, it appears that there is an approach with Laert Haxhiu, Ilir Berberi and other people who trade cocaine in the city of Pogradec.

This is an exclusive video that shows the moment when Meardi Berberi came out of the Drenova prison in Korça, as he was welcomed by the members of the group and his family with songs.

In the system of businesses Meardi Berberi does not result in a company. But his mother Medije Berberi, since February 2016, owns a property, bar-restaurant and hotel located in the city of Pogradec. This business is called "Era" and is located exactly on "Dëshmorët e Pojska" street.

Among the other names belonging to this criminal group in Pogradec and closely cooperating with Laert Haxhiu of Lushnja and Ligor Roma?ka of Korça, is Ilir Berberi or "Lili i Rrushka".

Ilir Berberi is currently in prison for the charge of "Unauthorized possession of weapons and ammunition", after he was arrested by the Pogradec police as a suspect in the attack with 82 Kalashnikov bullets on the "Voloreka" hotel in Tushemisht.

Ilir Berberi also introduced his son, Firdeus Berberi, into the dark world of crime, who was closely related to Laert Haxhiu, committing several crimes together.

Firdeus Berberi was in the BMËX6 car together with Laert Haxhiu when they were caught by the Greek police in the city of Ioannina. Firdeusi, has been prosecuted by the Korca prosecutor's office for "Intentional murder" remaining in the attempt against Johan Muçllari.

Part of the Pogradec group are Ervin Kalaja, Ilir Meçolli, Ardian Xhuti, Elvir Haxhia, Rudi Shaho, Enes Shaho, Griseld Maxhari, Fatjon Bono, Ledian Shkulaku, Kristian Kreste, Hekuran Gjona and others.