Greece responds immediately to Albania, sending a Canadair plane to extinguish the fire in Fier

2023-10-01 16:20:33Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Canadair plane

Greece immediately responded positively to Albania's request for assistance to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism for extinguishing the fire in the Pishporo forest massif, Greece was the first to come to the rescue.

Athens has deployed a Canadair aircraft to help the Civil Defense Agency fight the flames.

The news is given by the Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi, who writes on social networks:

"Greece has responded to the request of the Civil Defense Agency of Albania with a Canadair plane for intervention from the air in the heart of the fire in Pishë Poro, in Fier. We thank our neighbors for the help within the European Civil Protection Mechanism!".

The intervention from the air comes in the conditions when the Minister of the Interior Taulant Balla emphasized in his interview with the media that it is necessary in the area that has been burning for 6 days, since the firefighting forces, although numerous in number, are unable to put out the fire from the ground .

Albania was one of the countries that helped Greece to put out the devastating fires in Alexrandopuli in August.