The new academic year begins, about 20 thousand students for the first time in the auditoriums

2023-10-02 08:16:55Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The new academic year starts this Monday. About 20 thousand students will sit for the first time in university auditoriums. Others are expected to enroll in study programs where free admission quotas remain, directly at the university until all quotas are filled.

While the students of other faculties will start the new academic year, medical students have warned of a boycott of the educational process as well as protests. Although some of them have warned of a boycott, the branch of medicine remains the most preferred, where this year the 400 quotas that were free have been filled.

This boycott comes after they oppose the new law, which forces them to work for 5 years in Albania after finishing their studies. Second to fourth year students will work three years after graduation, while fifth and sixth year students will work two years after graduation. Meanwhile, the second alternative presented to students who are currently in the system, that is, if they do not want to stay in Albania for two or three years after graduation, they will pay the full cost of their studies, but for the remaining years. Meanwhile, there is no decision by the institutions regarding the payment that the students will have to pay if they do not sign the agreement. According to the data from the university portal, public institutions remain the most preferred, since about 75% of the total registrations are in public and the rest in private.

Meanwhile, this is the second year in a row that for students who have chosen the priority branches set by the government, they will receive a scholarship with a minimum salary of 40,000 ALL. About 120,000 students are in total this academic year, including bachelor's and master's studies.