Laert Haxhiu's father speaks: The accusations against my son are untrue

2023-10-02 10:28:36Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Qamil Haxhiu

Laert Haxhiu's father has denied all the accusations made against his son after the testimony given by Artan Tafani, the repentant justice. In an interview for Top News, he said that Tafani should be trusted.

He stated in the show "Breaking" that Tafani is a convicted and problematic person and that he has no friendly relationship with his son.

Haxhiu also spoke about the name of the lawyer from Lushnja, Adriatik Doges, for whom the repentant justice said he was on the list to be eliminated. He said that this was not true and that at the moment he was speaking he was in the bar of the lawyer. 

He also accused the state police and said that his son has no faith in Albanian justice