Qamil Haxhiu: Laerti was not here at all when the Lushnja massacre happened. We know Orgest Bilbil simply as Lushnjar

2023-10-02 11:04:19Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Qamil Haxhiu

Laert Haxhiu's father, Qamil Haxhiu, spoke today exclusively on the show "Breaking" on Top News, regarding the accusations that weigh on his son.

He has denied all the accusations that describe Laerti as the leader of the Lushnja gang and the author of a series of murders. According to his father, Laerti has nothing to do with the massacre of Lushnja or other murders, and all the accusations were made by his enemies, who have strong ties to politics.

" Laerti was not here at all when the Lushnja massacre happened. There is no evidence at all, for this event, they gave very different testimonies. I have only spoken with him and he told me that I am not in Albania at all. Who are they who are pressuring him 'you will go to prison'? How can you threaten the witness in the courtroom?

As for Orgest Bilbili, with them we simply have a relationship as a gardener, we have a social relationship, not an entry-exit relationship. Can't be accused of having social relations and doing things that we don't belong to. They haven't seen each other for a long time. They have declared it themselves. I don't know who cares about cutting off my son's head.

The enemies are the ones who accuse him without proof. On September 25, 5 years ago, he was injured, they are people who are connected by strong ties. Look at the connections they have with Taulant Balla, it's krushk, the other minister is. Those people are powerfully connected.

Aldo Bare is where he is, my son is in Greece. Aldo Bare has nothing to say. He received the maximum sentence, 32 years in prison for wounding. And no one takes these into account. You understand what is done in this country. Here they kill, what they don't do and get away with it. " - said Laert Haxhi's father.