LATEST NEWS/ The Court of Appeal leaves the brother-in-law and bodyguard of Rezart Taç in prison!

2023-10-02 10:33:04Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Rezart Taçi

The Special Court of Appeal has upheld the sentence of 11 years in prison for Artur Balla and 10 years in prison for Bledar Lilo, namely the brother-in-law and former bodyguard of Rezart Taçi, accused of money laundering, criminal group and the confiscation of the amount of 18,399 941 euros.

Rezart Taçi's brother-in-law, Artur Balla, is known as one of the most trusted people of the oil businessman. Bledar Lilo is also one of the most trusted people of former oil boss Rezart Taçi.

Bledar Lilo is a former Taçi bodyguard and a shareholder in several companies in Albania. He is accused of having laundered the money in cooperation with another confidant of Taç, his brother-in-law Artur Balla.

SPAK discovered from the investigations launched in cooperation with the Italian authorities the organization and operation of a complex international illegal financial operation, spread over several different countries, which had the purpose of "cleaning" a significant amount of money, over 18 million Euros to cosa nostras.

The financial scheme was directed by the two Italians Francesco Zummo and IZ, in collaboration with another Italian, Fabio Petruzzella, the Swiss of Italian origin Daniele Castagalli, as well as the Albanian businessman Rezart Taçi, involved in businesses in the oil sector. Rezart Taçi is still being searched.