Concession income/Sterilization collected 14 million euros in 2022!

2023-08-17 11:19:38Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Sani Service/ Concession/ Ilir Rrapa/ Klodian Rrjepaj

The financial balances submitted by the company Sani Service , which owns the sterilization concession, show that during the past year it has provided income worth almost 14 million euros in total.

Of these, 9 million euros are income provided by the regional directorate of the mandatory health care insurance fund of Tirana, while the rest from the other 11 regional directorates.

In its balance sheets, the company declares almost 12 million euros in expenses and about 2 million euros in profits after taxes.
The concession is being investigated by SPAK, which has taken eight security measures, two of which include prison terms.

Businessman Ilir Rrapaj and former Deputy Minister of Health, Klodian Rjepaj, were left in prison by the decision of the special court.

The sterilization concession is the first lawsuit submitted to SPAK on suspicions of corruption and abuse of office. Until the granting of the concession, the sterilization of hospital equipment was carried out by the state itself.

The transfer of this service to the private sector increased its cost, according to the lawsuit filed in SPAK, by more than 10 times.