The incinerators, the thread of grass where Berisha was caught to hide the bargain with Kulla

2023-08-15 18:57:44Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Sali Berisha and the "Mountain of Tirana" Tower project



Note : Sali Berisha has abandoned summer vacations and breaking records by swimming in Dhërmi or walking in Gjirin e Lalëzi this year and for two weeks has been engaged in statements, conferences and posts on social networks to denounce what he calls the affair of corruption of the century.

Berisha's rhetoric for months now relies only on the incinerators and SPAK's investigations for their concession. But, are the incinerators and the interest of the Albanian citizens the main reason why Sali Berisha's sleep and summer vacation were disrupted?

If you take a look at the major concessions for which he has remained silent and remains silent today, the suspected corruption files that SPAK is investigating, then you realize that the incinerators are more of an alibi for the former Prime Minister and an attempt to cling to a thread of to avoid sinking together with the tower behind the Opera and Ballet Theatre.

There are 1.3 billion euro concessions, such as Thumanë-Kashar, or Lekaj-Fier, concessions with a 40 percent profit rate, such as that of the Rinas airport, or with a 60-65 percent profit rate, such as that of fuel marking.

Berisha is silent about all this and for weeks his rhetoric revolves around the same thread. Why? The correct answer to this question will have to be given by the former Prime Minister himself, but in its absence, logic leads to the fact that Berisha's real goal is to divert the public's attention from the tower behind the Opera and Ballet Theatre.

This is where, according to what the other half of the Democratic Party accuses him and his former minister in the government from 2005 to 2013, Lulzim Basha, are hidden, the threads that connect him with Edi Rama and his power. The tower, according to the opposition part of Berisha's opposition, is the price with which he sold oppositionism in Albania.

...and it's not about a price at all. The cost of building the tower is estimated at around 100 million euros, while the income from sales and rent will provide a minimum of 500 million euros and a maximum of 1 billion euros.

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