Shkëlzen Berisha resides in the house of Ilir Shtufi, owner of the 64-storey tower "Tirana Mountain"

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The Villa of Shkëlzen Berisha in Rolling Hills

By Mero Baze

There are three adjacent villas in Rolling Hills, tirana's wealthy's lapdog. Villa 99 is of Agim Zeqos, known by the nickname "Gimja i Red Bull", Villa 97 is his sister, who once had husband tax directors as Saliu's gendarme to fine opponents.

In the middle is villa 98. The owner of the letter results Ilir Shtufi, the "investor" of the tower in the center of Tirana. Practically the inhabitant of the villa is The Berisha.

Although the villa has security guards, the residence is provided by private guards.

It's not a big deal that we all know that Shkelzen has money for more than one villa like her.

The problem is hiding the wealth of people who are involved in politics. In his not so intelligent practice, he is based on hiding property from a narrow circle of people, a total of 3 to 4 people, who assume the name on the certificate of his properties on the coast and the villas where he lives.

If you look at the composition of the Tower Hall that lives inside Rolling Hills, there are all of them, "Gimja", Sandri, Ilir Shtufi, which is Shkëlzeni, the one who removes the land, and other occasional partners of the tower group.

Since all the debate is about Shkëlzen and his "principled" father, he now has to make public his relationship with the villa that lives in the Tower's Castle.

If he has rented it to Ilir Shtuf, tell us the lease contract. If he has given it to a poor man, let him tell us that he was given it. /Newspaper TemA