Why doesn't Berisha mention the name of the businessman of the tower behind the Opera?!

2023-08-08 19:38:53Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha

In all his political rhetoric, Sali Berisha has never stood out for careful language, on the contrary. Berisha is noted for his harsh, direct language, with name-calling denunciations, even entering the bedroom of his political opponents.

Dozens and dozens of businessmen have ended up in his mouth, sometimes directly from him, sometimes through the messages of the digital citizen.

But there is a businessman's name that Berisha has avoided and avoided even in the last press conference. The former Prime Minister, after describing as slander without providing any evidence to the contrary the accusations that his son, Shkëlzen Berisha, is behind the tower in the flower garden of the Opera and Ballet Theater, challenged Edi Rama to cancel the construction permit.

Shkëlzen Berisha had done the same earlier. However, neither the first nor the second mentioned the name of the builder, Ilir Shtufi. They have not clarified whether or not they have a relationship with this businessman? They have not clarified the relationship that the media is talking about between Shkëlzen Berisha and Ilir Shtufi.

The silence that has gripped Berisha and the entire pulpit team to denounce a builder who is erecting a tower in a flower garden in Tirana, if not guilty, makes them unreliable in the eyes of citizens and hypocrites with selective denunciations, where businessmen associated with Berisha is not mentioned by name, while those who are not related to him are mentioned by name.

But what prevents Berisha from mentioning the name of Ilir Shtufi, if not the direct financial interests that connect him with him?

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