Why Berisha's opposition and his media do not reflect the protest for the tower behind the Opera House?

2023-08-06 16:56:54Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The tower that will be built at the flower garden behind the Opera and Ballet Palace

Note- One of the last parks in Tirana, the flower garden behind the Opera and Ballet Palace in the center of Tirana will be destroyed. A 185-meter tower will be built in this green space, setting a record for the tallest building in Tirana.

The construction company will be Nova Construction 2012, while the Danish architectural studio Cebra has designed the building with 58 floors above ground and 7 more underground.

For the disappearance of this park, the only political movement that is protesting is the 'Together Movement' led by Arlind Qori, which will hold a protest in this park today.

"One of the last parks is disappearing in Tirana, the one that lies between the 9-storey buildings and the Opera and Ballet Theatre. The violence of concrete has not stopped. Corrupt rulers and unscrupulous oligarchs are leaving us without one of the last remaining green public spaces in the city. Yes, we, the citizens of Tirana, are more powerful than the government and their billions", announced, among other things, the Joint Movement for the protest that will take place this afternoon.

It is interesting the fact that what qualifies itself as the real opposition, we are talking about the "Reestablishment" of Sali Berisha, is silent. The latter, which reacts to everything possible, from pickpockets to Zall Herri's ward, is completely silent about the disappearance of the flower garden after TOB.

None of the opposition MPs has made any statement denouncing the construction of the "monster" tower. Even pretending that this fact does not exist, they continue the calls from the parrot to deal only with the incinerators, but not with this tower that is destroying another green space in Tirana.

Not only that. But even the media that "Rithemelimi" finances and owns have not written a single line and have not aired any chronicle about the "monster" that will rise in Tirana.

Evil mouths say that among the shareholders of this tower are also oligarchs of "Reestablishment", even that "Foltorja" itself has its share in this tower. In this way, the total silence coming from this party can be understood. But if this is true, this fact shows once again that the opposition of this country is not only captured by the majority who gives it a piece of the country's wealth, but it shows that this opposition has also turned into a finer. If you give her 'ration', she stays silent, if not, she bares her 'teeth' to bite.

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