"Resort in Lalz, 64-storey tower in Tirana", Mero Baze reveals Rama's scheme to have an opposition captured

2023-08-06 20:36:06Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Mero Baze reveals Rama's scheme to have an opposition captured

The garden behind the Opera and Ballet Palace in the center of Tirana will be destroyed. A 185-meter tower will be built in this green space, setting a record for the tallest building in Tirana.

After occupying the park with fences for the demolition of the flower garden, controversies and accusations have erupted in Tirana, but only Sali Berisha's 'Reestablishment' has remained silent. This happens because Berisha's clan is suspected to have its own part in this tower.

Some time ago, journalist Mero Baze spoke about the way Prime Minister Edi Rama threw "pieces" of Albania's wealth to the people of Berisha, in order to have the opposition caught in front of him.

In an interview given for the show "The Unexposed" by Ylli Rakipi, Baze spoke about the mechanism that Edi Rama uses, according to him, to corrupt the opposition in order to stay in power as long as possible.

According to Baze, Rama and the government have "distributed" large financial benefits, including a resort and a 64-story tower in Tirana, to people close to Berisha and his son Shkëlzen, so that they are satisfied and continue their stay in the opposition and thus ensure Rama's permanent stay in power.

Baze said that compromising the opposition in this way is a "regressive calculation" that does not serve the country and does not allow the emergence of politicians and opponents with whom there can be real competition.

"The problem that I have and that I have with Edi Rama and the socialist government, which as they are, with their good and bad, have a fundamental flaw, that societies like ours, which must definitely be resurrected in they should not have the fight against corruption, these are people who know that Berisha is a thief by family. They know that his son, you can arrest him for five days, find his papers, they know that his son-in-law has privatized the park, they know that Shkëlzeni builds all over Tirana, from Lalzi to Tirana, and they allow him, because they have this principle that you see, this should be in our game, because it works for us. Being in the game, let him make some money, making some money, he feels important, feeling important, he doesn't run away from politics, and if he doesn't run away from politics, we stay in power. They did a regressive calculation,

I can't say that Edi Rama doesn't know that Shkëlzen Berisha is a partner in the resort that he gave as a strategic investor in Lalz... I can't believe that Edi Rama doesn't know that he is the one who got the 64-story tower (in Tirana) , is an employee of Shkëlzen... Okay, he doesn't have a name, but we know how they work, you can make a couple of small provocations and they will tell you who they are and how they work. And they know, but they say let them do something.

That's why I say that my battle with Berisha is not obsessive, I don't have an obsession with Berisha, but I can't stand this situation where they act as if Berisha has run away and now why are you getting tired. Not only did Berisha not run away, but all these others who tell me that you have an obsession, fight for Berisha to stay. This is the problem.

They keep him with the idea, we need this one, let him stay because this one doesn't win anymore, he is the destroyer of his own wing, he has a bunch of idiots...

They need it, but it is a regressive thing for society, because you have to leave the race open and you have to give society the chance for opposition elements to emerge, to be avant-garde. I know that Edi Rama is the best in this country, but he will be even better if he allows a good one to appear in front of him, but he has made the game so that in front of Edi Rama is Saliu and now Saliu has the national ace.

It is not an obsession, but it is a problem that Saliu has not finished, it is an unresolved problem. It is important now, as a destroyer of the opposition," said Baze, among other things.