Incenators, the only opposition cause to cover the marketplaces with towers and concessions!

2023-08-07 17:16:28Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Tower "Tirana Mountain" / Sali Berisha / Incenerator of Elbasan

Note: There is a reason that the opposition has lost in the series of elections against Edi Rama and it is not related either to its division or to the alibi of their purchase by the socialist majority.

The real reason is the failure of the Democratic Party to look the truth in the eye and recognize that in the face of denouncing mis-government and corruption, the standard it followed has not been the same.

The Democratic Party before 2021 and its two pieces after this year have tried and failed to turn into cause issues that relate little or nothing to the everyday interests of citizens. As an example, when the government gave concessions of millions of euros to the roads by converting them at tolls and at extra costs to Albanians, the opposition was talking about Charles McGonigal.

When the residents of Bërxulla protested about how their property was being robbed and how Bashkim Ulaj's Gener 2 company had diverted the project, the opposition shut their mouths and talked about how the AMERICAN FBI file with Charles McGonigal would bring down Edi Rama in Tirana.

The same silence accompanied the monstrous Lekaj-Fier concession. The Democratic Party did not say a word, despite the fact that it is a business established, where the concessionary company with minimal investment will receive at least 35.1 billion euros in revenue from the tariffs that citizens will pay for 5 years.

Repetition is the mother of knowledge, they say, but in the case of the opposition, repeating the same strategy, where it keeps quiet about the tower of oligarchs in the center of Tirana and is caught behind the thread of the bar of tirana's inciterator (which is being investigated by SPAK) is stupid. It is not a foolishness of ignorance, more than a conscious attitude that the opposition uses to hide its ties to oligarchs and the concessions they received.

The connection of the opposition, the Foltore and the Seal's connection with the builder of the 67-storey tower behind the Opera and Ballet Theatre is not unknown. Nor does the connection to Gener 2 and the Ulajn Union of the Tumanë-Kashar concession. There are also links to the eight companies that have joined the bid for lekaj-fier concession, to continue with the concession of the National Road and other concessions for which he closed his eyes, ears and his mouth.

This is the opposition, who keep repeating the same mistake and surprisingly expecting a different result. Will he make it? The saying goes that it is foolish to do the same and expect other results.

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